Xbox One Area One Impressions by DSight

DSight and a Spartan at the Area One Event  

DSight and a Spartan at the Area One Event 



Last week our friend Killer Rin provided a nice write up on the Xbox One Truck Tour and this week our other good friend DSight, who was on Episode 7: Earbuds and HDMIs of XVox, has gone to a private event in Toronto called "Area One" and has brought with him written impressions, pictures and video.  Make sure if you have any questions regarding the impressions or of the event to leave them on the bottom of this article.


The Event

Alright so right off the bat there is a general sense that this event was not geared to be a PR event. Granted there were a lot of PR people there to talk about the Xbox One but it didn’t seem like it. There weren’t very many buzzwords, the speakers were very down to earth with talking to us as if it came from the heart.

The opening speech was from Xbox Canada’s Craig Flanagan. Once again it wasn’t a reading from cue cards or a robot like speech. He expressed his feelings without buzzwords about how himself, many of us and Microsoft care about gaming and how it is important pillar of the platform which comes first and foremost. He even mentioned the extreme backlash from E3 and the Microsoft Reveal and made a joke about it. He stressed that Microsoft is listening and changing so that we the gamer get a system we want and thanked us for being fans and for our input.

There was a real sense of community from the crowd, the people working there and Craig Flanagan himself. This isn’t just a business, it is all the people who come together to enjoy video games. Everyone cheered when Halo came on the screen, we had a great time playing video games and sharing experiences. I like to think that is what makes Xbox great, is sharing the moments that we have fun in.

So onto the rest of the event. I’ll split it up between system, the controller and the games.
— DSight

The System

The system is not as big as you think it is. It is very sleek and stylish and I can’t wait to put it under my TV. They talked about people who would try to abuse the rating system for Xbox LIVE and promised that this wouldn’t happen. They discussed possibilities of bundles with games, or special editions, or special controllers. It is interesting to note that the Xbox One controller is $59.99CAN while the controller + play and charge kit is $74.99 (while the play and charge alone is $24.99).

The Kinect is lighter in weight than I thought it would be. It has a screw hole in the bottom for a camera mount and while no games were on display, they did have a dev tech demo that was really cool. The camera can track up to six people, all your joints and muscles and even whether you have your mouth or eyes opened or closed. It’s so impressive and I can’t wait to see it in action.
— DSight

The Controller

The controller is personally one of my favourite features of the Xbox One. If the Xbox 360 controller was a rough cut diamond, then the Xbox One controller is a refined, perfectly cut diamond. It feels instantly incredible as soon as you pick it up. The over 40 refinements are for the better and everyone can’t stop talking about the feedback in the triggers. I got to play Forza 5 and the triggers while accelerating and braking make such a big difference. This is like when they first introduced rumble in gaming and it changed everything, well now the new triggers change everything all over again. The controller just felt right.
— DSight

The Games


Killer Instinct 3 and Forza Motorsport 5 Footage by DSight 


Killer Instinct 3

The games I got to play were Killer Instinct and Forza 5. The one thing I can say about both games is that they are smooth. Everything from the detail, to the frame rate, to the animations just felt smooth. I couldn’t believe that Double Helix is making Killer Instinct because it is just that good and so much fun. I loved watching players just flip through the different characters and you see how fast fully rendered and animated the characters appear on the screen.
— DSight

Forza Motorsport 5

Forza was so much fun. As someone who never really played any racing simulation games, I really am looking forward to Forza 5. The racing felt so good through the feedback on the triggers. The attention to detail between the environment, the cars and the damage models looked great. The environments also looked good. One of the event staff said that each car is actually painted with a base coat, a paint coat and a shiny layer so you can actually zoom in and see the grooves or pits from the paint job. That is how detailed this game is.
— DSight

Final Thoughts

I really had a lot of fun at the Xbox One Area One event and I cannot wait until Nov 22nd 2013.
— DSight


Sounds like DSight had a great time at the event and remember if you have any questions for him please leave them in the comment section below.  Have a nice day guys!